Work Packages

Word Packes

A Lyophilized R. glutinis biomass for downstream processing
B Lyophilized R. glutinis biomass for food product development
C OMW effluent (to Uni-Lüneburg and ENEA)
D Mutual sharing of experimental results to optimise fermentation process
E Purified VCPs (carotenoids, biophenols) food product development
F Feedback for validation of biomass to optimise the fermentation process
G Feedback for validation of VCPs to optimize the downstream process
H Feedbacks about enzymatically transformed biophenols
I Outcomes to be utilised for the experiments and plant design
J Modelling and optimisation of algae and fungi growth dynamic (from UniLat),
Characterisation of enzymes present in secretome (from Uni-Kassel)
K Isolated phenolic fractions (to Uni-Kassel)
L Enzymatically transformed phenolic fractions (from Uni-Kassel)


Work Package 1

Scaling up R. glutinis strain fermentation
30L-continous bioreactor
Optimisation the conditions for different products

Work Package 2

Separation, isolation and purification of value-added products
Green technology; CO2, green solvents, DES      

Work Package 3

Development food products with added-value ingredients
Yeast biomass
Yeast isolates as additives
Shelf-life analysis
Measuring the community acceptancy

Work Package 4

Valorization and reuse of OMW effluent from R.glutinis fermentation
Screening the best algae and flamentous fungal strains for OMW
Filamentous fungi and algae cultivations in fermented OMW

Work Package 5

Optimization of metabolic pathways and enzymes of R.glutinis
Stoichiometric model development and optimization
Enzyme identification and characterization
Development of new R. glutinis strain in order to increase the yield

Work Package 6

Communication and dissemination
Web site
Data management (Fairdom)


Work Package 7

Continuous coordination of activities
Technical management
Life cycle analysis